Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your hours?

A. We are open in Sumter from 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday. In Manning we are open from 10am to 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Our Manning store is closed on Wednesday and Sunday.(back to questions)

Q. If I come in to get a pawn loan, how long does it take?

A. If the items you bring to pledge are easy to value, the whole transaction will usually take five minutes or less. (back to questions)

Q. Do I need anything besides an item to pledge to get a pawn loan?

A. Yes, along with your item you will need a government issued picture ID. (back to questions)

Q. How long do I have to repay my pawn loan?

A. Your pawn loan can be repaid anytime as long as the monthly interest is kept up to date. Pawn lowns are set for three months. (back to questions)

Q. What happens if I can't repay my pawn loan in three months?

A. If you would still like your pledge back you can extend the time of your loan by simply paying the charges due. If you do not intend to repay the loan, we will put your item out for sale after the three month period and you owe us nothing. (back to questions)

Q. Is the information about my pawn loan secure and confidential?

A. Yes, State and Federal law regulates the privacy of your transactions with us and we have procedures in place to safeguard your information. We are however required to report all pawn transactions to law enforcement to protect against property crimes and unauthorized pawns. (back to questions)

Q. What type of items do you take in pawn?

A. Practically any item that can be valued and stored, however the most common items offered as a pledge are fine jewelry, consumer electronics, quality tools, musical instruments, art & collectables, sporting goods, and firearms. (back to questions)

Q. Can I have someone else pick up my pawn loan?

A. Yes, anyone can pick up your pawn loan with the original pawn ticket and payment, as long as it is signed over to them on the bottom left of the original pawn ticket. (back to questions)

Q. What do I do if I lose my pawn ticket?

A. You can pick up your pawn loan with your government issued picture ID, but you should stop in with your ID as soon as you discover your pawn ticket missing so it will not be honored if someone else without your consent brings it in. (back to questions)

Q. Do you take firearms in pawn?

A. We do take handguns, rifles and shotguns in pawn, however there are additional forms that you are required to fill out and all State and Federal laws are observed. It is necessary for us to do a NICS Federal background check on you when you pick up your pawned weapon. This will take some additional time and could take up to four days before we can release your firearm to you. (back to questions)

Q. Exactly what does it cost to borrow money at a pawnshop?

A. Not all pawnbrokers charge the same but all are regulated by the South Carolina Department of Financial Institutions regarding finance charges. At Reliable Pawn Shop, for every $25.00 borrowed will cost an additional $5.00 each month. There are no other charges related to your loan and finance charges. (back to questions)

Q. Will you contact me if I am late in paying my pawn loan?

A. We will contact you if the amount is over $50.00 to remind you of your loan. (back to questions)

Q. I already have a pawn loan with Reliable Pawn Shop. Can I get another?

A. You are welcome to have as many pawn loans with us as is necessary for your situation. You are also welcome to borrow money at Reliable Pawn shop if you have chosen to not repay previous pawn loans with us. (back to questions)

Q. I want to pawn an old ring I inherited but do not know what its worth. Can you help?

A. Yes. Our trained appraisers specialize in valuing a wide variety of merchandise. We want to be able to loan you the money you need, when you need it. (back to questions)

Q. If I pawn an item, am I guaranteed to get it back when I repay my pawn loan?

A. Yes. We are bound by State Statute to carefully and responsibly care for your pledge while in our possession. Your items are safer in pawn than they are in your own home. (back to questions)

Q. Can I just sell my item instead of pawning it?

A. Yes. We will purchase most items outright if that is what you intend to do. It would of course need to be something that has value and could be resold by us. (back to questions)

Q. Why can't I borrow what my item is appraised for?

A. Pawn loan amounts are based on current values and market conditions for merchandise. We always try to base pawn loans on fair market value. (back to questions)

Q. Tell me about your 30-day guarantee on purchases...

All items purchased at Reliable Pawn Shop come with a 30 day money back guarantee. All returns need to be accompanied by the original sales receipt. What are we guaranteeing? (back to questions)

Jewelry : We guarantee your jewelry purchase is exactly as represented for gemstone authenticity and weight, and metal type karat and weight. We also guarantee your jewelry purchase for the value you paid. If you are discontented with your purchase in any way we are happy to offer you a full cost credit towards another purchase or a full refund.

GEMSTONES ARE OFTEN PROCESSED BY ONE OR MORE INDUSTRY ACCEPTED TREATMENTS FROM THE TIME THEY ARE EXTRACTED FROM THE EARTH. The gemstones set in your purchase (if any) have likely been subjected to a stable and possibly undetectable enhancement process designed to improve their appearance. These treatments may include heating, irradiation, bleaching, fracture filling or oiling. We guarantee that any such treatments that we have noted in your purchased jewelry have been properly explained and disclosed.

"As-Is" Merchandise: We will occasionally sell defective merchandise at a greatly reduced price in its "as-is" condition. This type of sale is fully disclosed at time of purchase. AS-IS merchandise does not come with any kind of guarantee or refund. (back to questions)


Q. Okay....what about stolen goods?

Pawnshops are a business just like any other. But unlike many other businesses, pawnshops have a special set of laws that keep them on the straight and narrow. Pawnshops are specially licensed and cooperate with police to prevent the movement of stolen merchandise. When you pawn an item at Reliable Pawn Shop, we take your name and address, verify it with your valid driver's license and then inspect the item carefully. We test diamonds and gold for authenticity. If you are bringing in something like a TV or VCR, we test it to make sure it works properly. If there is a serial number on the item, it's also recorded on the pawn ticket. There are three reasons for this level of scrutiny: Every day, we must submit a list of all merchandise received, including serial numbers, to the police. The police compare the serial numbers against records of stolen merchandise. Quite simply, it is in everyone's best interest to keep stolen goods OUT of pawn shops!

Unlike someone running a garage sale or a booth at a flea market, Reliable Pawn Shop is a stable business in the community and we keep a close eye on our reputation. We cannot sell junk and stay in business! (back to questions)

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